Our Rating (3.5/5)

Time it takes to earn (2/5)

Cashout minimum (2/5)

Payout speed (4/5)

Payout choices (3/5)

How engaging/fun the site is (4/5)

Customer Support (5/5)

Time it takes to earn: Probably the biggest downside to InboxDollars is the time it takes to earn. So if earning money fast is your primary goal, there are other sites that may be a better fit for you.

Cashout minimum: At $30, the cash out minimum on InboxDollars is higher than many other survey sites.

Payout speed: Once you reach the cash out minimum, the payout speed is reasonable. They pay faster if you reach their Gold membership level.

Payout choices: InboxDollars offers payouts via PayPal, check or a Visa Cash card.

How engaging/fun the site is: This is where InboxDollars shines. As the name suggests, you can earn money simply by opening emails from InboxDollars. They also offer features like paid videos and paid games. And when you are disqualified from a survey, they offer a wheel spin where you get a chance to earn a bonus incentive.

Customer Support: In addition to email support, InboxDollars also offers support via Live Chat.

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