How Do Paid Surveys Work?

Before companies invest significant resources into new products and services, and before they make enhancements to existing products, they often seek to find out the opinions of customers.

In some cases, companies are looking for the opinions of people already using a particular products or services. In other cases, they're looking for the opinions of people who are not using those products.

Here's how it works.

1. Request your Invitations

New market research studies are announced on a daily basis. Choose a survey panel from the Top Survey Panels on our site and follow the join link. You can cancel at any time, and there's no obligation.

2. Start taking surveys

After you sign up, you'll be invited to fill out pre-qualification forms for several focus groups and online surveys. You'll be notified which ones you have qualified for, and what cash or other rewards are being offered in exchange for your participation.

3. Receive cash and rewards

Many focus groups and online surveys simply pay cash as a reward. This may be in the form of a pre-paid Visa card, a check or to your PayPal account. Some studies include a Sweepstakes for a chance to win a substantial prize. Regardless, the form of the reward or compensation will be noted up front, and you will have an opportunity to decide whether you want to participate. Right now choose the rewards that appeal to you on our site and see which survey panels give them.

What is Survey Surveillance?

Survey Surveillance is a referral service which refers potential panelists to market research firms. We do not run our own focus groups or surveys. Market research firms and online survey panel sites that we refer individuals to run focus group studies and carry out surveys. These firms evaluate potential participants and decide who is a good fit for their market research panels and surveys.

Why I haven't been invited to participate in online surveys or focus group panels?

You've signed up with an online survey panel but they haven't invited you to participate in their surveys for a while. What's the problem?

1. Is your contact information correct?
You cannot expect to receive any online survey invitations if the e-mail address you provide is incorrect.

2. Have you completed your profile?
The more information about yourself you provide to a research company, the more likely it is they will contact you with online surveys. If profiles are optional, consider doing so.

3. Sign up with as many survey sites as possible and be patient!
The truth is if there are no surveys available for your demographics or location you will not be contacted. The more panels you will sign up to the more chances to participate you will get. Stay patient, and eventually you will be invitied to participate in a survey.