Are there REALLY any legitimate survey sites out there that pay?

What Exactly Are Legit Paid Surveys?

If you were to tell the average person that they can sit around their house on a Sunday afternoon in their pajamas, drinking coffee, and casually answering questions on the Internet, they wouldn't be surprised. May people take fun little quizzes all the time and share the results with their friends.

However, if you were to tell these same people that you can answer questions from online polls and surveys and get paid actual cash, they would likely assume you're wrapped up in a scam.

Although there are plenty of scam websites out there that promise cash and pay nothing, or outright steal personal information for gain, there are also plenty of legitimate survey sites that follow-up with their promises and allow members to create nice, substantial supplemental incomes.

Why to Legitimate Survey Sites Pay?

There are tons of companies out there developing new products and services every day and there are also plenty of large marketing agencies out there creating new campaigns to sell those products and services.

What both of these types of companies have in common is that they need to know as much about their target audience as possible in order to have the highest likelihood that their campaigns and products will be successful.

One of the best ways to do this is to go direct-to-consumer and find out what their audience wants and if their audience will be receptive to their new products or campaigns.

So, they hire research companies that then create surveys and issue them to consumers and, after crunching the data from thousands upon thousands of completed surveys, they give that data back to those companies and this influences the products and marketing campaigns that eventually come out to the public.

However, most people don't want to spend a bunch of time filling out surveys in their off-time for free, so these research group offer incentives.

This is where legit paid surveys come in - they pay you for your time and opinion so that you have an incentive to provide that opinion in the first place.

Where do I Find Legit Paid Surveys?

With so many scam websites out there mixed in with legitimate survey sites, it's hard to tell which is which. Although you could probably compare which ones are legitimate with which ones aren't, this will take a lot of time and effort.

Because of this, we here at Survey Surveillance have spent all of that time and effort for you, combing through thousands upon thousands of paid survey sites to find only the most reputable, highest-paying, legitimate paid survey networks out there.

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