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"I WOULD have given a nice review BUT..."

Jessie Wagers, from the United States of America, May 02, 2017

So had you asked me before today my opinion of this site I don't think I would have been overly critical other than I personally after my first cash out haven't been given many earning opportunities. Now coincidentally I was sent a survey by them asking how they were doing. And I answered the survey in just this same manner. Polite but voicing my concerns that I didn't feel I was getting many survey opportunities....again being polite in my responses but stating my position none the less. Today, just a few days after this survey, I was sent the following email from them with the subject line A WARNING from Voz Latium. Now please keep in mind I've only be able to cash out one time with them even though I've taken every survey opportunity since joining in October of 2016. Please read on to see how they handle even the slightest criticism from a loyal member:

Jessie Wagers,
We have been monitoring your account, and we've noticed that you have not been answering our questions fully and/or honestly. We really value your opinion, and we'd love to hear what you really think! Please fill our surveys out truthfully and patiently. We'll continue to track any future activity on VozLatinum, so please fully participate when taking our surveys.
Have a nice day,
The VozLatinum Team
Well it's pretty obvious to me they don't value my opinion, they don't have any regard for honesty nor do they want to hear what I really think. Now I'm sure they will reply to this either with a standard copy/paste form response as they have done thus far with every review here...good or bad....but if by some miracle they do actually take the time to craft a response I'm sure it will ring with the typical corporate speak (If you can't fool them with facts then baffle them with BS) in hopes they don't come off looking like the hypocrites they have become. I'm actually curious as to when this "monitoring" began and when the decision was made to send me a "warning". Was this before or after my honest review of your shoddy site that went to no one BUT YOU? Well that's ok I can change that as you see here. Oh and you don't have to be concerned about monitoring me or sending any future warnings. I've taken the liberty of removing myself from the site. I have no desire to participate with any company that treats people this way. If I want to be monitored or warned I'll go to the next environmental action where my voice will be appreciated for what it is....TRUTH.