Is Pinecone Research a SCAM? Let’s Find Out

Submitted by coverdale on December 08, 2015.


What is Pinecone Research and What do They Offer?

Pinecone Research is an online survey site that promises to pay users for their opinions. On their site, they promise the following:

  • Earn points for every completed survey
  • Redeem those points for various cash and prizes
  • Learn about products before they hit the market
  • Influence which products make it to the stores

Why Would Pinecone Research Pay People to Take Surveys?

One of the essential questions people have when coming across any survey site similar to Pinecone Research, is why would this website pay me cash or prizes for simply taking surveys? It must be a scam, right?

Although there are plenty of scam survey sites out there, fortunately – according to our researchers here at Survey Surveillance – Pinecone Research isn’t one of them.

This legitimate online survey site has large clients that include both product manufacturers and large international marketing companies. In order for marketing companies and product-creators to ensure their marketing campaigns and new products actually resonate with people (after all – if they don’t resonate, they don’t sell, and they waste a lot of money) the best way for them to determine this is to actually reach out to consumers directly.

However, very few people in this world will readily provide their opinion on marketing campaigns and products if there is no direct incentive.

This is why Pinecone Research provides incentives in the form of prizes and cash, so that they can accumulate non-personal opinion data that influences how their clients develop products and launch marketing campaigns.

Should I Sign Up For Pinecone Research?

Although Pinecone Research definitely isn’t a scam –and is 100% legitimate according to our research. The best thing to do when deciding which paid survey sites to sign up for and which ones are not worth your time, is to simply compare the most popular, best-paying options side-by-side.

Here at Survey Surveillance, we have spent countless hours amassing information on only the best, most legitimate, highest-paying survey sites so you can compare which ones are your best options.

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