Finally Revealed: Is FusionCash a Scam?

Submitted by SurveySurveillance on December 10, 2015.

What is Fusion Cash Exactly?

Here at Survey Surveillance, we’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about FushionCash and whether or not it is some kind of scam, so we decided to investigate.

Essentially, Fusion Cash is free for anybody to sign up for. Members simply fill out a registration form that takes a couple of minutes and asks for full name, address, date of birth, gender, race, and so on (this is to help select the right kind of surveys for your demographic).

As soon as the registration is done, you receive a $5 bonus, which many paid survey sites do not do. After that, you can begin completing surveys and other tasks.

As far as what you can get paid, one of the problems with FusionCash is that you have to reach at least $25 in earnings before you cash out.

Depending on how many surveys you have time to take, this can take a few days. For many, this seems like a scam, especially when they spend days completed surveys and amass – for example - $20 without the ability to access it.

So, is Fusion Cash a Scam or not?

Fusion Cash definitely isn’t a scam – they do pay for surveys you take. However, this site makes it a little bit harder to access payments than others and you have to make sure to adhere to the Terms of Service agreement (which many people don’t read and violate on accident).

Is Signing up for FusionCash worth it?

Although you can definitely make money with Fusion Cash, it would be worth it to compare them to other reputable, legitimate, cash-for-survey networks out there first.

Here at Survey Surveillance we’ve spent countless hours (and a lot of time) combing through thousands upon thousands of online survey sites to find the best ones. We’ve amassed them into an easy, yet comprehensive comparison list here.