Are There Any Trustworthy Free Paid Surveys?

Submitted by coverdale on September 23, 2015.

What Exactly Are Free Paid Surveys?

Free paid surveys are essentially self-administered surveys that users can take online in the comfort of their own home. Although these surveys do not cost any money to take, they pay the user cash every time a survey has been filled out.

Why do people pay you to take surveys? It’s pretty simple, really. All those companies and brands out there who are trying to sell you their products and services are desperate for information that will help them more effectively target consumers and convince those consumers to purchase from them.

That’s when they hire marketing companies and other similar organizations to collect data from consumers.

However, most consumers don’t want to sit around filling out surveys and providing their opinions on products and services out of the goodness of their heart, so these survey companies provide incentives for people like you to fill out surveys, usually in the form of rewards points that can be redeemed for cold, hard cash as well as products.

How to Tell Apart Legitimate Free Paid Survey Sites From Illegitimate Ones

Because the goal of paid survey sites is to collect information from consumers so that brands can make better marketing decisions, they not only ensure that survey takers are compensated, they also make sure that the surveys themselves are free to take.

However, many people become frustrated at the sheer amount of “scam” survey sites out there that will promise one thing and not deliver or that will sell your personal information (such as your email) to the highest bidder.

The best way to ensure that the free paid survey sites you’re signing up for are actually legitimate – besides going through hours and hours of trial-and-error yourself – is to check out our top legitimate free paid surveys list.

This section compares and contrasts various paid survey sites by testing them out and recommending only the best, highest-paying, most legitimate free paid survey sites on the Internet. This allows you to avoid any frustrating scam sites.

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